What is CUBOFIT?

Inspired by the "Muscle Beach" gym in the United States (Los Angeles), CUBO FIT is the first outdoor gymnasium in Spain, where you can practice your favourite sport in such a natural and exclusive environment as the beach, making each session a unique experience.


CUBO FIT is a portable gymnasium in the form of a sea container adapted for the practice of sports activities. It has sports equipment such as bars, dumbbells and kettlebells, among others. This will ensure that users continue to enjoy sports training at their holiday destination.



CUBO FIT is a new training concept. This new method allows you to practice sports in a different environment, with the aim of improving the physical condition and health of its users. It consists of 45-minute high intensity training sessions (HIIT) in groups, which are adaptable to different levels, combining the work of strength, cardiovascular and coordination efficiently to obtain the greatest possible benefits.